What is a VPS?

A computer remotely hosted for you, access it anytime, from almost anywhere and on any internet empowered device.  Mostly Forex and Crypto traders advise you to use a VPS.

A VPS is just like your own computer. Though it still runs even if you have lost power or internet. It let you run your trading software round the clock.

Why should I use a VPS?

 A computer at home has certain risks and limits.

  • You can have a power outage or internet connection interruption. As a consequence your MT4 terminal & EA can disconnect or turn off
  • Cause you to miss trades, profits or miss management.
  • Everyday usage of computer slows it down and eventually slows down your software
  • A reliable VPS host offers up to 99.999% up-time (means down for only 5 minutes in year)
  • Have built in redundancies in case something goes wrong
  • Keep your systems running properly
  • Since it’s dedicated to ONLY trading, you know it’s going to be efficient and fast.
  • Perhaps you make more money because the connection to broker is faster and more reliable.

In short VPS lets you connect and give you access from anywhere, from any device with the ability to make adjustments and check your trading account on the go – quickly and efficiently.

Is a VPS Expensive?


Price of VPS varies from $10-$200 depending upon your need. Fortunately, for trading you won’t need to spend that much. We offer $30 per month package which is more than enough to manage your trading systems and broker platforms.

  • 1-5 MT4 Terminals
  • Optimized for Meta Trader 4
  • 2 GB Ram
  • CPU 1600 MHz
  • 30 GB SSD
  • Windows Server 2008/2012

Don't miss profitable trades

Everything is already aligned for you. With our VPS services it’s all setup with as low as $30 cost. No technical work, no time consumption just fill the form and let us manage it all for you.

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